About Us

Vision and Mission


To provide employment opportunities and economic development for Laiya Batangas, through tourism and destination family resort recreation.

Mission Statement

We are committed to consistently providing enjoyable recreation, a safe environment, and memorable vacation experiences for every guest and families

We will accomplish this through excellence in service, innovation, and anticipation of our guests’ ever changing needs and expectations. The ability to fulfill this commitment will be reflected in our profitability, continued growth, and the success of our company and each individual.

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About La Luz Beach Resort

A small resort on a property that has been privately owned for over 30 years and was recently opened to the public. The resort was only meant to be a hide away for a family of 13 children and hence the many rooms and a large pavilion.

Located adjacent to a marine sanctuary in Hugom, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. We
maintain a very relaxed atmosphere by keeping the resort very natural, maintaining the existing trees and have planted new ones along the way.

La Luz Beach Resort prides itself in offering more than just a nice beach and bedrooms to its guests, but also providing maximum comfort and all the necessities to make one feel at home. You may call our housekeeping department 24/7 for room services. While In-Room dining staff are on hand until 2am to deliver dishes from an endless menu featuring everything from international favorites to local specialties.